Safer, faster and easier entrance to chains, contacts and dApps

For Artists DOID is the Signature

  • Verify origins of all your artworks.
  • Show all your creations in one space.
  • Market yourself with single entry.

For Trader DOID is the Bridge

  • Capture cross-chain arbitrage opportunities with single transaction.
  • Pursue higher yields on cross-chain opportunities in time.

For Developer DOID is the Toolkit

  • Connecting real users.
  • Leverage cross-chain assets.
  • Expand project boundary to Web2.

For All Holders DOID is Your Web3 Identifier

  • Integrate all wallet address under one name.
  • Receive and transfer any asset with single account.
  • Log in any sites with one ID.
  • Enjoy airdrops from every projects.
  • Each DOID is an NFT.


The founding team is a multidisciplinary expertise in tech, internet and finance. We come from Ripple, Uniswap, Ethereum, Zcoin, Monero, Eos, Microsoft, Moody's, Evernote.